Any tips for cracking IIT JEE Advanced and Mains 2014 ?

Discussion in 'JEE MAINS/ADVANCE' started by Pallavi, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Pallavi

    Pallavi New Member

    how can make my chances for IIT jee exam more strong ?? any tips for cracking iit exam ???
  2. patelsneha

    patelsneha New Member

    The best way to crack IIT JEE. The best way is to not force yourself into studying things. In a recent interview, one of the topper of IIT JEE said "You have to love what you study. If you don't, no matter how much time you spend with your books, you will not get the desired results. (Many of the toppers) are where we are because we study for the love of it and not because we have an examination ahead of us. That is what makes the difference.". This is the best way to crack IIT JEE. Aakanksha has stood first amongst the girls who appeared for the Joint Entrance Examinations (JEE) and her all-India rank is 18. Source link :
  3. Dikshanth

    Dikshanth New Member

    I think best way to crack the JEE is to join a good coaching class. I joined CatalyseR coaching classes and it helped me a lot. Look for a coaching class which has a good faculty and has regular mock tests and gives individual attention
  4. Animesh Tiwari

    Animesh Tiwari New Member

    · Attentive mind and concentration
    · Systematic Study
    · Place & attain short aims
    · Mock tests
    · Join Good Coaching institute
    Catalyser, Bansal, Genesis, Vidyarambha are really good
  5. Rahul sharma123654

    Rahul sharma123654 New Member

    · Do Complete your syllabus on time and you can score as much you want. Also do complete your practical files, assignments on time so that you will not face difficulties during exams period Ans you can get time for revision

    · Do practice previous years’ que papers daily after you complete your syllabus

    · Read NCERT books thoroughly, most of the questions in the examinations is asked.

    · Do practice formulas and diagrams daily

    · Make small notes of important topics for revision

    · Do not get panic during exams time, do not worry about the topics you have covered well. Keep faith and confidence in yourself
  6. Shubham gupta

    Shubham gupta New Member

    JEE mains and advanced papers need a rock solid preparation. Follow some of these tips to crack JEE.
    1. Practice JEE mains previous years papers wholeheartedly.
    2. Give regular mocks and analyze them. An analysis is a key to know your mistakes.
    3. Make short notes and maintain a copy of important formulas.
    4. Always fill your JEE advanced application form cautiously otherwise you may be in big trouble.
    5. Do not take much stress during exams as it will affect your performance.

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