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    This thread is to discuss about the pros and cons for coaching for gate exam preparation.
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    Coaching has both advantages and disadvantages both:
    The advantages of preparing for GATE exam without gate coaching are:
    • You have total control over time for complete concentration
    • You can save lot of time which you will spend in travelling to coaching centres
    • You can save money
    Disadvantages of studying at home are :
    The distractions that waste your time are, TV, Internet, family members, relatives and friends. A cricket match, a TV serial or a movie can lead to hours of distraction.

    Advantage of taking gate coaching are:
    • You can clarify your doubts
    • Sharing knowledge is a great tool
    • You get motivated by interacting with other students
    • You can increase your speed of solving problems by learning new methods
    • You can learn different techniques for answering questions rapidly
    • You can take mock tests conducted by coaching institutes
    And finally :If you are an average student, it is better you choose to attend a coaching center. But if you are self-motivated, can solve problems individually without anyone's help and very confident that you can prepare well, you can appear for GATE without any coaching.

    You can also share your own views about coaching for gate exam in this thread
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    you can also use websites,for self coaching of gate
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    Yes i too believe that we should take up some coaching institute to crack the GATE exams as it requires lots of hard work to prepare for the exam in a systematic manner and the institute will help you a lot to systematically prepare for the exams.
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    If you are confident that you can study alone,you do it.

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