Direct Admission of Board Toppers in BITSAT 2014:

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    Hello friends, if you want direct admission to any of the Birla Institute of Technology campuses namely( BITS Hyderabad, BITS Pilani and BITS Goa) then you need to top your board examination.
    Which means if a student lets assume is giving his 12th class examination from CBSE Board, then he/she will have to compete each and every student who is giving the 12th class boards under CBSE Board (sounds quite tough, but results will be very very fruitful).
    And in case if any student do that successfully then he/she will be GIVEN A DIRECT ADMISSION TO ANY OF THE BITS CAMPUSES !!!!
    So this is the only shortcut to get into BITS colleges if you do not want to give the BITSAT 2014 or in other words if you want to be EXEMPTED from BITSAT 2014.

    Here is the excerpt which BITSAT officially said:

    "In the past, admission process of the Institute always ensured guaranteed admission to all the students who obtained first ranks in their respective board examinations. This has given a very vital input of highly meritorious students from all over India. First rank students of all the central and state boards in India for the year 2014 will be given direct admission to the program of their choice, irrespective of their BITSAT-2014 score as per the eligibility criteria mentioned above."
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    good article karan..

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