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Discussion in 'IBPS' started by Ankit, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Ankit

    Ankit Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Guys, We are starting to upload study material prepared by our team for IBPS CWE- IT officer 2016.The material is based on the topic asked in the previous IT-Officer papers.
    Rest of the Material will be updated soon...

    Here is the list (To Download Click on the File from the list ):

    Subjectwise Notes:

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  2. bharadwaj

    bharadwaj New Member

    sir,wen will u upload other materials??? thnk u for dis one...its really helpful
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  3. Ankit

    Ankit Administrator Staff Member

    Hi bharadwaj, our team is working continuously on the material and within next few days we'll upload the rest of the material.....
  4. bharadwaj

    bharadwaj New Member

    thnk u vry munch sir....remind me after uploading if u can....i ll regularly visit dis page....sir,do u have any materials for NICL AO???
  5. Srinivas

    Srinivas New Member

    Thanks a ton for the valuable material Sir...!!!
  6. Mohini

    Mohini New Member

    thankyou sir it will help alot...
  7. Sowmya Kancharla

    Sowmya Kancharla New Member

    please let us know all the topic names
  8. Raj0046

    Raj0046 New Member

    thanks for uploading this.... eagerly waiting forr remaining uploads....:)
  9. kaavya

    kaavya New Member

    sir,only cn pdf is active,, i cannot upload other pdf
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  10. srividhya

    srividhya New Member

    Sir Thanks a lot . kindly upload for the remaining study materials.
  11. seena

    seena New Member

    Thanks, waiting for the reamaining study material......
  12. kameswari

    kameswari New Member

    thanks a lot...
    its helpfull
    waiting for ur updates
  13. aditya

    aditya New Member

    good one sir :) sir am frm ece background can u pls mention me the topics from ece which mainly they concentrate
  14. Honeypriya

    Honeypriya New Member

    Good one
    Thank you
  15. surbhi dubey

    surbhi dubey New Member

    Thanks for this material.sir,when will u upload material for rest of the subjects???
  16. juggu

    juggu New Member

    plz upload the remaining material....

    MONJIL KALITA New Member

    sir how can i download other topics please help as soon as possible
  18. Gyana ranjan jena

    Gyana ranjan jena New Member

    1.Digital electronics
    2.Computer organization and microprocessor
    3.Compiler design
    4.Data structures
    6.Operating system
    7.Data communication and networking
    8.Software engineering
    9.Programming languages
    10.'c' programming
    11.Object oriented programming and c++
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  19. kunapriya

    kunapriya New Member

    Really v short n crisp :) v useful :) Thanks a lot
  20. Gopi

    Gopi New Member

    Hi Admin, Where is other materials..? when can we expect ?

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