IBPS PO English Section Preparation

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    English Section is one of the most important sections in IBPS PO Exam. It is easy to score in this subject as it only requires basic knowledge of this subject.

    It does not require as much time as we invest in other sections of IBPS exam. Reasoning and aptitude part needs more hard work than English IBPS section. So scoring maximum marks in English Section will help in securing good overall results.

    Section wise tips for IBPS English

    Reading Comprehension

    Do regular practice with time. Since Passages are long so you need to improve your speed. First you should attempt questions which can be solved directly and after that attempt questions related to the grammar part.

    Cloze Test

    • Read the passage thoroughly.
    • Link the previous and next sentences.
    • Be carefully with noun, pronoun, verb, preposition, conjunction, article, and tenses.
    • Eliminate options accordingly.
    Error Detection

    Candidates while solving questions from this section should be careful with grammar and should have a good understanding of sentence formation. Enhance your reading skills so that you can understand the sentence formations rules and also improve with your sentence formation.

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