Is JEE Main more tougher than JEE Advanced ?

Discussion in 'JEE MAINS/ADVANCE' started by Pallavi, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. Pallavi

    Pallavi New Member

    Doesn anyone know that JEE Main more tougher/hard than JEE Advanced ? Any idea about difficulty level ? And in 2014 which exam will be more diffeicult ??? pleaszzzzz tell
  2. Ishaan Milan

    Ishaan Milan New Member

    no. it is not
  3. JyotiShah976

    JyotiShah976 New Member

    There are various differences between JEE Main and JEE Advanced based on the difficulty level, type of questions asked etc.

    JEE Mains is dependent on the time factor. The more quick you are at problem solving then the more easier it becomes. Whereas in JEE Advanced, the number of questions decreases, because it would take more time to solve each question.

    So if you consider the time factor then JEE Mains is tiugher than JEE Advanced.

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