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    There are some basic JEE Preparation Tips through this you prepare well and hope will qualify the exam.
    • Cracking the IIT JEE needs one to have a very well-structured study strategy.
    • It demands the students to be academically strong as well as have other skills like analytical skills, time management, exam taking strategy, and situational intelligence.
    • Students need to know about syllabus and exam pattern very well.
    • Leave all the tensions. Sprucing up self-belief will help you to bolster your position in this critical period. Remind yourself of the things you do well.
    • Solve the last years Question papers and mock tests. It increases your speed of solve questions and you get an idea which type questions will be come in exam.
    • Go to sleep for at least 7 hours but do not exceed 8 hours of sleep each day.
    • Stay relaxed, yet focused. Temperament plays a vital role for success in IIT-JEE. Nervousness can decrease performance to such an extent that a student who expects and has the potential to get a top rank in JEE, fails to even qualify.

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