qualified for jee advanced but not want to give jee advancd

Discussion in 'JEE MAINS/ADVANCE' started by nihit saha, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. nihit saha

    nihit saha New Member

    if i get qualified for the jee advanced. and not want to give jee advanced. what is the procedure after that..??
  2. Rahul sharma123654

    Rahul sharma123654 New Member

    If you have qualified for JEE mains exams you must start your preparation for Advanced as soon as possible you can take some help from the tips & tricks

    Make a list of preparation material and work on it

    Do prepare a list of formulas and basic concepts for quick revision

    Understand the basic usage of formulas and concepts you have noted

    Now if you got any query or doubt clear it from your teacher or senior without wasting time

    Cover up whole syllabus thoroughly, do not try to skip any topic.

    you can also take some help from https://scoop.eduncle.com/jee-mains-preparation-tips

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