what are type of interview and how to prepare for them?

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    Interview is one of the stage of selection process for jobs, usually conducted after written test to select the right candidate for the vacant position in various organisations. The organisation always has some needs and expectations from the candidates and based on these requirements candidates are filtered.
    There are broadly five type of interviews based on mode and no of interviewers or candidates:
    • Distance/phone interview
    • Face to face/one-on-one interview
    • Group interview
    • Panel interview
    • Video Interview
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    can you explanin each of the interview? what exactly happens in them ?
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    what is video interview ??? i am very much interested to know that.....
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    Video interview are web based interviews held using computer, webcam or specialized software, crossing geographical boundaries and saving travel time and money both. Generally in this technology both the candidate and interviewer need a computer, webcam, microphone and internet access but some different technology may also be used such as television camera and a projector. And mostly high tech companies use this technique.

    Benefits of video interview:

    In video interview questions can be same for every candidate thus helping interviewer in hiring process as they can see all interview videos and compare the answers for each candidate for the same question and choose the right candidate for the vacant seat.

    From interviewee point of view video interview saves their time and money. Also in almost all interview processes its responsibility of company to make arrangements at both the ends for video interview so making easy for candidate to give interview.

    Tips for video interview:

    · Before starting interview companies provide with a set of instruction that candidate should read carefully and you may also ask for help if required.

    · Dress properly just like you would for a face to face interview.

    · Before facing interview, you must practice and if you have a webcam you may also record yourself and see how you appear on camera and make the necessary changes.

    · While giving interview you should look at the camera.

    · Keep a pen and paper along with you.
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    Many companies give preferences to your talent. They test your aptitude,there will be HR interview as well as Technical interview.

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